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April 22, 2013
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Haunted Arkham Asylum by ArtistAbe Haunted Arkham Asylum by ArtistAbe
I couldn't help but give the Disneyland Haunted Mansion ride stretching portraits a Batman crossover:) Here's the original stretching portraits from the ride:…

Harley Quinn and Killer Croc-
This was the last one I did because I was still unsure what I wanted to do with Harley Quinn's outfit. Sure I could have made it easier on myself just to put her in her standard costume, but I'd miss the opportunity to put her in a dress. I'm not that great at fashion, but this was one of the ideas I had for her outfit that I finally settled on. Pretty happy with how it turned out. :) I thought about giving her the umbrella for a split second, but then it's Harley! So I gave her a croquet mallet.
Croc was the obvious choice to replace the crocodile.

Joker and Scarface-
The original portrait had his pants down, so who better to pull that off than the Joker! He's doing the drinking water while still having the puppet talk trick, just fyi. I didn't intend to have at least two Batman characters in each portrait, but it kind of happened that way. I've always liked the Scarface character so I jumped at the chance to draw him in this piece.

Poison Ivy and Ra's Al Ghul-
For a while now, I've been trying to make my own design for Poison Ivy. Finally was able to draw it in this piece. Wasn't sure if I wanted to give her a normal human skin tone or go with a green one so I just made it really pale. Much like in the rebooted Batman animated series version of Poison Ivy. The weeping willow skirt I gave her would be pretty long and drag on the floor a bit like a peacock tail.
For the tombstone, I originally was going to make it be Two Face just because they have a history of quarreling with each other. Then I didn't like the idea of killing Mr. Dent so I decided to just have fun with it and make it Ra's Al Ghul. He's always dying and coming back so no big deal there :)

Batman family and Clayface-
I definitely wanted to have Batman in one of the portraits, but wasn't sure until I started sketching ideas with this one. Ended up drawing most of the bat family :) I wanted to have a Robin in the middle just so the colors could stand out more, but decided to keep it to the original trio.
Clayface in place of the quick sand. Very appropriate I thought.

Lots of enjoyment was had drawing this crossover :D

print size is 11x17 inches

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nev777 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
hi Abraham ...just passing by love your style Great composition....thought I would comment...Nev
AnimeElf Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Love this picture! I've only been to Disney World, they have this in Cali too? Awesome.
Rxven Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
beautifulll *_* i love your artwork special all about batman's world 
Stitchfan Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2014  Student Filmographer
Glad I managed to get my hands on one of the shirts. :heart:
I got the tight rope one due to a 1 day sale.
Arctiidae Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2014  New member Hobbyist Writer
I really like your costumes for Harley and Ivy.  The contrast between the three heroes is great, too.
oompa1234 Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2014
Haha @ the right panel. I can imagine their thoughts.

Batgirl: "Yay!"
Nightwing: "The things I do for you, Babs."
Batman: "Get a room. And get off of me."
KeplerNova Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Oh, this is perfect!
I also laughed really hard at "See you soon, Ra's al Ghul". XD
ashigaru Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2014  Professional General Artist
Just genius. First saw the Highwire Harley on a Teefury post on FB; unfortunate that they're not available any more. :(
Nesgreth Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2014
yellowbouncyball Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2014
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