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This Saturday March 15 from 6pm-9pm I'll be signing at A Little Known Shop in Anaheim CA during their CRE-8-bit event!
I'll be selling my prints, taking photos with babies and also will be drawing FREE head sketches for the price of 1 dare! BWAHAHAAHAHA!!!  ....See you there! :D

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Amazing Arizona Comic Con will be this weekend January 24-26 at the Phoenix Convention Center and so will I :D :D  You can find me at table# A21 with all my prints, sketch books, high fives and bad rhythm.
Looking forward to seeing you Arizonians along with my friend Jessica Grundy solocosmo :iconsolocosmo: who will also be attending with her beautiful works of art!

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Do you love all things creative and are near the Orange County area of CA? THOOPER!
On Feb. 16 at the Shark Club in Costa Mesa, I'll be showcasing my work along with a variety of super creative folk and friends like Hannah Webb… and Yetis and Friends… . It won't be just illustrators, but dancers, musicians, crafters and fashion designers as well!
If you'd like to attend and love America and babies, you may support me directly by purchasing tickets at: and then clicking the link that says; "Buy a Ticket for this Artist"
Hope to see you baby loving people there..... AMERICA!

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Due to some recent findings online I must stress this:

DO NOT use my drawings for commercial work, DO NOT reproduce, or sell my images without MY CONSENT!

A concerned appreciator of my work contacted me and found a few of my pieces being sold on cell phone cases on multiple online shops that I did not give any permission to do.  

If you see any of my work being sold from anywhere than directly from my own shop, please do not support the seller!  This goes for any other artists whose work is being stolen, claimed as their own and sold without the approval from the artist.  We work far too long and hard and sometimes without sleep just on a single piece we create with our own creativity, passion and emotions for it to be taken so easily with a push of a button and make money off of us.  Sharing our art is completely fine.  It’s when we get taken advantage of like this is when we must put our foot down.  For a person to have no shame in doing this is terrible.  Seriously!  Why??  Like most people, we want to do what we love for a living and these acts obviously do not support us.  It affects us greatly and hinders.  I don’t want to hold back, I want to keep creating.  I want to keep making things from nothing.  I want to keep making people laugh and smile with the things I draw.  But carefree actions like this really change and get second guessed when such a bad experience like this happens.  

I have already sent a message to the guy selling my work on Etsy and his Wanelo shop, professionally and politely asking him to take down my work from his shop.  I have yet to receive any response still.  I don’t wish to take any aggressive action yet, but I will if I must for the pieces I worked so hard on.

I am genuinely saddened and aggravated by this.  I very much dislike feeling this way.  If you know me or have taken a moment to talk to me at conventions, you know I am a chipper fellow.  So having to post something like this is very much out of the ordinary for me but necessary.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for your continued support.

You’re all beautiful and smell lovely, by the way :)  
-Abraham Lopez  (ArtistAbe)

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HUZZAH! Finally have my Etsy shop up and running!

You may still place orders through me directly if you wish at if not, then please continue dancing.

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Nothing like a comic convention before the Thanksgiving holiday nap... I mean... meal :)
I'll be at the Long Beach Comic Con this weekend November 23 & 24.  Table # 1513 with my hopscotch pal, Richard Garcia :iconirongiant775:  We'll 'sea' you there! (silly Aquaman)…

NOTE: I'm still scribbling away at commissions from NYCC and COMIKAZE so there will be very limited commission slots at this con.

Also attending the event will be my chums  Nicole Sloan, Mike Vasquez and Alex Bunch

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Super exciting last minute news!!! My Elvira pieces will be displayed at the Elvira Mistress of the 'ART' Show gallery in Los Angeles this Saturday November 9th! I'll be there along with 20+ other artists contributing their own Elvira inspired pieces. And of course the Mistress of the Dark herself, Elvira, will be there! I am beyond thrilled to be a part of this event!!    

The gallery will be held right next to the Monster-a-gogo store (aka Kreepsville666) 7361 Melrose Ave.
I believe Elvira will only be there from 12pm-3pm, but the gallery will be open until 8pm. If you are in the area and have that gothic itch you'd like to scratch, then come on by and I'll see you in black…

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Howdy hey boys and girls! This weekend November 1-3, I'll be at Stan Lee's Comikaze at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Table AA1211. I'll be tag teaming with my Polka dance partner Richard Garcia :iconirongiant775:  So after you wake up from your Halloween candy hangover and wipe the candy corn crust out of your eyes, put your costume back on and stop on by. I can't really leave my table so I love and appreciate it whenever costumed folk come by :)
Hope to meet you there!

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HERE I COME NEW YORK!! Are you ready for this jelly? ...yeah, me neither, but I'm showing up anyways  I'll be at the New York Comic Con October 10-13 at the Javits Center booth #CC13. I'm so excited to go to this con and hopefully meet some of you east coast blokes and gals that have been supporting my work. (Yep, I'm talking to all 3 of you)
I didn't expect a table to be available for me sooo very very very close to the con, so I was plenty shocked to get one. Now I'm frantically making the plans for this awesome trip to the big apple. I'm looking forward to seeing you crazy kids there and debate about bagels and putting ketchup on hot dogs

NOTE: Unfortunately NY Comic Con lands on the same weekend as APE Con in San Francisco CA, which I was originally planning to go to. I've told quite a few people that I'll see them there, but now I'll have to cancel that con sadly

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Are you going to the Central Coast Comic Con in California? Me too! :D See you there September 7 & 8 at the Ventura County Fairgrounds.
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I'll be at Phat Collectibles in Anaheim, CA. this Saturday July 6th for PHAT CON!!!! ; After you finish lighting the last of your 4th of July illegal fireworks, stop on by. There will be many free stuff to get your mitts on that they're giving away, like comic books and various Disney buttons and hats :D
Hope to see you crazy kids there!

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Ah yes... the land of gambling, alcohol and buffets can now add comics to that list. The Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con will be at South Point casino and hotel June 14-16. I'll be at table# 115 with my pal Wil Panganiban. Creator of the hilarious comics; Frank and Steinway. Definitely worth checking out.
See you at the roulette tables... er I mean, at the convention!

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I'm going to be at Fanime in San Jose CA. this week!
This'll be my first time attending an anime convention as an artist. I usually don't bother going to anime related cons because my work has barely any relation to it, but what the heck! Let's give it a try and if it doesn't go well, I hear the Winchester Mansion is a nice place to visit this time of the year.
Hope to see you there! :D

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Hello beautiful spork fans with fantastic taste in art!! Yeah, I'm talkin to you! :D
I'm going to be at WonderCon in Anaheim this coming weekend, March 29-31. Wooo!!!
I'll be sharing an Artist Alley table with my buddy and swell artist, Richard Garcia :iconirongiant775:  facebook:…  
We'll be selling some of our lovely prints, sketchbooks and draw some commission sketches.... with our hands!!!   And to sweeten the offer, with every item you buy we'll throw in a FREE high five and/or awkward hug!

With Disneyland being next door, I may even accept challenges to Toy Story Midway Mania or Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters. (note: challengers must be of the sporting sort and able to endure my possible victory dance)

Hope to see you there! :D

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BOOBIES!! I finally made a Facebook page!!

With every 'Like' I get, you help me rid the world of demons, bad hygiene,Kardashian's and internet trolls! ..... okay maybe not possible to rid the world of trolls, but the demons, people! Demons!!!  You also increase my confidence in what I do by +40 points with each 'Like', allowing me to Level Up!!!

Hope to see my fantastically friendly watchers there :)


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Yeah yeah... I know Halloween is over, but if you're a hardcore fan of that time of the year, it doesn't matter :)
This year I scared at the Knott's Berry Farm theme park for the Halloween season.
The theme for this year was all about the Green Witch. Her and her little tricksters would roam the entire park terrorizing whoever they please and doing whatever they want, even go into any maze in the park.
The maze I scared at was called Trick or Treat, which was the Green Witch's house. The monsters inside would be of the classic costumes from back in the day; Devil, black cat, sheet ghost, Frankenstein's monster, clown, pig, skeleton, etc. I was classic Dracula :) I would get tons of Twilight comments thrown my way on a nightly basis, but the amount of terrified screams and tears we'd get from the guests would make it all worth it. The best scares would be from the ones that just collapse to the floor :D

Here's a flow through of our maze from Theme Park Adventure:…

and here's an excellent review from them:…

If you went this year, I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did :)

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I'll be at the Long Beach Comic and Horror Con this weekend, Nov. 3 & 4.
Booth #1606.  Hope to see you there! :D
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It's that awesome time of the year again kids!  HALLOWEEN!!!  Bring on the scary amusement park mazes, candy corn that no one eats, turn up the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack and pumpkin flavored everything!
Speaking of scary mazes, I'm going to be a monster again at Knott's Halloween Haunt for my second year!  Here's the commercial for it:…;
Last year I was a zombie farmer at the Cornstalkers maze.  You can check out the Cornstalker maze walk through here:…;
I pop out at 3:35 :) This year I'll be at a new maze called Trick or Treat.  I don't want to say what monster I am because friends will try to talk to me while I'm trying to scare, but I'll definitely be interacting with everyone that goes through that maze.  Muwahahaha!!

If you and your friends are going to Knott's for this Halloween season, I recommend you check out this other new maze called Trapped.  The maze takes 25-30 min to complete and each group has a designated time slot to go into it so it will be just your group in the maze that all the monsters give their attention to.  There will be a series of rooms that your group must enter with the doors locking behind you and the only way to proceed is to do certain tasks the monsters tell you to do.... one of them I hear is that you must eat specific things even  I don't know what they are.  The maze is said to be so discomforting that they make you and your friends sign a waver at the beginning and they also provide you with a safe word if the experience is just too much for you to handle.  Now onto the the downside of this maze.  There's a separate fee you must pay to go through this maze.  But for what it is, it's pretty cheap.  For  a group of 10 people I believe they'll charge $60.  You do the math.

This Saturday 9-22-12, I'll be at Frank and Son Collectible Show with my own booth selling some prints and possibly taking commission sketches.
It's a bi weekly free comic convention in the City of Industry.  This is where I go when I have Comi Con withdrawls :)

Hope to see you at Knott's Halloween Haunt and Frank and Sons!

Trick or Treat and Happy Halloween month!
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Hey there Spork fans!
This weekend, September 15 and 16, i'll be at Stan Lee's Comikaze!!  Booth number 323. ;
I'll be selling prints and doodling some commission sketches along with my partner in crime :iconirongiant775:  Fellow do gooders and swell artist :iconcuddlycapes: will also be attending the event.  
Why should you go to this con, even if you're not a fan of my work, you say??  Well howz about the Zombie Apocalypse obstacle course!?!?!?!!  Not a fan of zombies?  Well i'm sure you're a fan of Adam West a.k.a Batman and mayor of Quahog from Family Guy.  If you're as big of an Elvira fan as me then you'll find lots of enjoyment in the Elvira Movie Macabre Museum!  Now if you got that Comikaze tattoo last year that gets you in the con for free, then you have no excuse not to go! :D
So come on by, have fun and feel free to stop on by and say howdy to me......... and bring money! (Monopoly money, bottle caps, seashells and pogs will not be accepted as currency unfortunately)

Just recently saw Batman Live…
I had my doubts about it but i found it plenty entertaining and well done for what it was.  It has Schumacher visuals to it all but it works very well for the stage and for the young demographic it aims to please.  Though Batman's story has been retold over and over, they do a successful job at still making it interesting and painless.  
All of Batman's major villains make an appearance, but like always, the Joker stands out from the crowd.  The actor that played the Joker, when I watched it, was successfully able to depict his own version of the mad clown without having to emulate previous portrayals of him.  Along with the Joker, Harley Quinn was present and was equally enjoyable to watch in action.  From the way she calls the Joker "puddin" to how she walks around the stage on her tip toes with a giant mallet in hand.
Batman Live has the potential of being something great on the Broadway level if things were a bit more fine tuned.  Till then it is still an enjoyable show to see for all Batman fans. :)

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Aaaaargh!! Fellow artist CallMePo :iconcallmepo: got banned from deviantart!
I was an avid watcher of his and was sad at the thought of not being able to see his work on here anymore.  Now i'm sure his drawing themes wasn't a preference for everyone, but there's nothing more saddening and frustrating than not being able to express yourself.

Details as to why he got banned and what you can do to support him, here:…

Too lazy to read that link??
Well show your support by posting or faving this image CallMePo Banned by grimphantom to spread awareness that he got banned.
If he should remain banned (hopefully not) you can still check out his work on his Tumblr account under the same name: Callmepo

You may have already seen other journal postings on this subject and it may be a bit spammy, but please do not vent out your annoyance by commenting something unnecessary.  
Just have a Cinnabon and carry on with your day :)
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